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Opera in five acts, music by Ernest Guiraud and Camille Saint-Saëns with the collaboration of Paul Dukas, libretto by Louis Gallet, premiered at the Paris Opéra on 16 December 1895.
When Ernest Guiraud died leaving his Frédégonde unfinished, Saint-Saëns agreed to complete the work on condition that he would receive assistance from the young Paul Dukas, who had the task of orchestrating half the opera. Both men were fascinated by the bloody rivalry between Brunhilda and Frédégonde.

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Sat 20 November 2021
Theater Dortmund, Dortmund
Sat 27 November 2021
Theater Dortmund, Dortmund


Gabriel Feltz, Motonori Kobayashi conductor
Marie-Ève Signeyrole direction
Marie-Ève Signeyrole, Laurent La Rosa film direction
Fabien Teigné set design
Yashi costumes
Florian Franzen lighting
Julie Compans choreography
Fabio Mancini chorus director
Dr Merle Fahrholz dramaturgy
Thomas Hannig rehearsal director
Fabian Schäfer production manager
Aymeric Catalano language coach
David Bolik assistant director
Thibaut Louvrier, Theó Sobelman assistants film director
Jonas Schmieta cameraman
Ulas Nagler, Alexander Becker stage managers
Adriana Naldoni prompter
Marlon Otte director of stage actors
Emine Güner assistant of set design
René Neumann costume assistant

Frédégonde Hyona Kim
Brunhilda Anna Sohn
Mérowig Sergey Romanovsky
Hilpéric Mandla Mndebele
Fortunatus Sungho Kim
Prétextat Denis Velev
Landéric Demian Matushevskyi
Un Serviteur Ian Sidden


Frédégonde by Ernest Guiraud and Camille Saint-Saëns
in collaboration with Paul Dukas
Staged performance
Co-production Theater Dortmund / Palazzetto Bru Zane
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