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Bru Zane Label CD-book Portraits
Fernand de La Tombelle
BRUSSELS PHILHARMONIC FLEMISH RADIO CHOIR Hervé Niquet conductor with Yann Beuron, Jeff Cohen, Hannes Minnaar, Pascal Amoyel, Emmanuelle Bertrand, François Salque, Hermine Horiot, Adrien Bellom, I Giardini, François Saint-Yves, Nabila Chajai
'Portraits' series | Bru Zane
Volume 5 | BZ 1038
3 CDs - 112 pages

Gifted with a strong temperament and a curious nature, Fernand de La Tombelle is a highly appealing and interesting figure among French Romantic composers. He left a substantial œuvre, protean, stylistically eclectic, even atypical, that deserves reassessment not only for its own merits, but also because it illustrates a certain form of social and artistic activity in France at the turn of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.
This new CD-book in the Palazzetto Bru Zane’s ‘Portrait’ series reveals the multiple facets of a captivating personality, ranging from orchestral music with operatic overtones through introspective chamber works to choral music recalling the Renaissance madrigal. The sublime Fantaisie for piano and orchestra would suffice on its own to demonstrate the quality of La Tombelle’s inspiration. To champion his cause as it deserves, this set calls on no fewer than fourteen soloists, along with orchestra, chorus and conductor.

Contents of the book
Jean-Christophe Branger, La Tombelle’s artistic and musical circle
Fernand de La Tombelle, Autobiographical notes
Jean-Emmanuel Filet, Constellations in sound
Antonia de Peretti Orsini, Beyond the composer: the man


CD 1

Fantaisie pour piano et orchestre
01- Allegro moderato
02- Adagio
03- Finale. Allegro molto

Impressions matinales – Suite d’orchestre n° 1
04- Aurore
05- Écho
06- Carillon
07- Aubade
08- Kermesse

Livre d’images – Suite d’orchestre n° 2
09- Conte bleu
10- Il était une fois
11- Perdu dans la forêt
12- Cavalcade

CD 2

Suite pour trois violoncelles
01- Allegro
02- Andantino
03- Scherzando presto
04- Lento
05- Finale. Allegro

Quatuor avec piano
06- Allegro agitato
07- Adagio
08- Molto allegro
09- Allegro molto

Musique pour chœur
10- Le Furet
11- Au fil de l’eau
12- Madrigal spirituel
13- La Voix de l’orgue
14- Pie Jesu

CD 3

01- Le Livre de la vie
02- À la mère de l’enfant mort
03- Dans l’alcôve sombre
04- Le Secret des vagues

Pages d’amour
05- L’Ultime Idole
06- Nuit d’amour
07- Sérénade
08- Retour
09- L’Apaisement
10- La Flambée
11- Andante espressivo

Sonate pour violoncelle et piano
12- Allegro
13- Lentement
14- Allegro vivace
15- Fantaisie-ballade pour harpe à pédales

See scores Scores list
Orchestral score / orchestral parts / reduction for two pianos
About 25 min.
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