Le Mage

CD-book CDs Opéra français
Massenet, Jules
Chœur Lyrique et Orchestre Symphonique Saint-Étienne Loire, Laurent Campellone, Catherine Hunold, Kate Aldrich, Luca Lombardo, Jean-François Lapointe, Marcel Vanaud, Julien Dran, Florian Sempey
Collection «Opéra français» del Palazzetto Bru Zane (Ediciones Singulares) | 2013

In 1891, the elusive Jules Massenet dumbfounded the critics once again. After the success of Manon in 1884, they were expecting another opéra-comique – but no, he returned to the Romantic grand opera (a genre to which Le Roi de Lahore and Hérodiade also belong). An exotic vein (an imaginary Persia), supernatural elements and a love story sublimated by religion give Le Mage a composite structure and great variety. But above all this work in five acts and six tableaux, to a libretto by Jean Richepin, represents the apotheosis of French lyricism, at a time when the quarrels over Wagnerism were rife.


CD 1
Acte I
Acte II
Premier tableau
Deuxième tableau

CD 2

Acte III
Acte IV
Acte V