Cantate, œuvres symphoniques et musique de chambre

Bru Zane Label CD-book Portraits
Théodore Gouvy
Christian Arming conductor
Jacques Mercier conductor
with Clémentine Margaine, Tedi Papavrami, Emmanuelle Swiercz, Quatuor Cambini-Paris, Quatuor Parisii, Trio Arcadis
'Portraits' series | Bru Zane
Volume 1 | ES 1014
3 CDs - 112 pages

Each of the volumes in the ‘Portraits’ series is devoted to a French composer who has been unjustly neglected, and takes a general look at that composer’s output through performances by many talented artists. The texts (French/English) are completed by varied and hitherto unpublished iconography.


Concluding the thematic cycle devoted to Théodore Gouvy in 2013 by the Palazzetto Bru Zane, this portrait of Théodore Gouvy aims to supplement the already available discography – the symphonies, several cantatas, including Œdipe and Électre, the Requiem, the Stabat Mater etc. – with world première recordings of other major works.


The String Quartet in A minor shows Gouvy at the height of his capacities as a chamber composer, while his Sérénades for piano pay an elegant tribute to Mendelssohn. The three overtures, Jeanne d’Arc, Le Giaour and Le Festival , show him as a composer of narrative, descriptive music; the Sinfonietta exemplifies his veneration for the absolute music inherited from Viennese Classicism. Made famous at the time by the singer Pauline Viardot, La Religieuse exemplifies the dramatic cantata; the Fantaisie pastorale for violin and orchestra is Gouvy’s only concertante work.


CD 1


1- Adagio – Allegro

2- Scherzo. Allegro

3- Tema con variazioni. Andante

4- Finale. Allegro

Orchestre philharmonique royal de Liège

Christian Arming, direction

5- Fantaisie pastorale pour violon et orchestre

Tedi Papavrami, violon solo

Orchestre philharmonique royal de Liège

Christian Arming, direction

6- La Religieuse

Cantate pour mezzo-soprano et orchestre

Clémentine Margaine, mezzo-soprano

Orchestre philharmonique royal de Liège

Christian Arming, direction

Sérénades pour piano


7- Sérénade n° 2 : Allegro con brio

8- Sérénade n° 14 : Allegro con brio

9- Sérénade n° 5 : Allegretto moderato

10- Sérénade n° 15 : Allegretto moderato

11- Sérénade n° 11 : Larghetto

12- Sérénade n° 17 : Prestissimo

Emmanuelle Swiercz, piano


CD 2

1- Le Giaour

Ouverture pour orchestre d’après Byron

Orchestre national de Lorraine

Jacques Mercier, direction

2- Jeanne d’Arc

Première ouverture de concert op. 13 d’après Schiller

Orchestre national de Lorraine

Jacques Mercier, direction

3- Le Festival

Deuxième ouverture de concert op. 14

Orchestre national de Lorraine

Jacques Mercier, direction

Quatuor à cordes en la mineur op. 56 n° 2

4- Allegro

5- Romance. Andante con moto

6- Tempo di minuetto. Allegro moderato

7- Finale. Allegro con brio

Quatuor Cambini-Paris


CD 3

Trio pour violon, violoncelle et piano n° 4 en sol majeur op. 22

1- Allegro con brio

2- Larghetto

3- Minuetto. Moderato

4- Finale. Allegro vivo

Trio Arcadis

Quatuor à cordes n° 5 en ut mineur op. 68

5- Allegro con brio

6- Allegretto moderato

7- Andante con moto

8- Allegretto agitato

Quatuor Parisii

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