Cycle Cello, the soul of romanticism

Quintet with two cellos

Chamber Music
© Franck Juery
A more confidential, almost private, version of fashionable sociability, the salon retained throughout the nineteenth century its function of emulation and trend-setting in matters of musical taste. The grand operatic genre was relayed there, and the most varied instrumental forces were also experimented with. The momentary passion for the quintet with two cellos is indicative of the changing aesthetics. Indeed, it reveals simultaneously an interest in virtuosity, made possible by the presence of a ‚Äėprincipal‚Äô cello frequently employed as a soloist, and a predilection for the instrument‚Äôs romantic sound. While Schubert‚Äôs Quintet in C major is well known, we tend to forget that France produced a rich repertoire of such pieces that has yet to be rediscovered.


Sat 21 September 2024
Scuola Grande San Giovanni Evangelista, Venice


Julien Chauvin and Karine Crocquenoy violins
Pierre-√Čric Nimylowycz viola
Atsushi Sakai cello
Marion Martineau cello


Works for string quintet with two cellos by BAUDIOT, FRANCHOMME and GOUVY

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