Fauré and his pupils

Les berceaux

Mélodie Chamber Music
A professor of composition at the Paris Conservatoire was responsible for preparing his students for the Prix de Rome competition, in the final stage of which contestants were given a set libretto on which to compose a cantata. Fauré was therefore the first to introduce those young students to the art of vocal composition. Coming from the undisputed master of the French art song, or mélodie, that teaching was both invaluable and productive. For the second year of its collaboration with the Académie de l’Opéra national de Paris, the Palazzetto Bru Zane has invited the artists to take a closer look at the repertoire of mélodies by Gabriel Fauré and his pupils, with a view to finding, if not filiations, at least the same attention to the exposition of the poem, magnified by the musical setting.

Concert followed by a cocktail.


Thu 16 May 2024
Palazzetto Bru Zane, Venice


Artists of the Académie de l’Opéra National de Paris

Lisa Chaïb Auriol soprano
Sofia Anisimova mezzo-soprano
Kevin Punnackal tenor
Ihor Mostovoi bass-baritone
Mariam Bombrun piano
Paul Coispeau piano


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