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The prodigal son

Cine-concert presented in italian
L’Enfant prodigue by André Wormser
© Adolphe Willette, “Les Affiches illustrées”
In 1907 Manuel de Falla moved to Paris, the centre of the avant-garde at the time, to broaden his musical horizons. Due to financial difficulties, that summer he joined a theatre company touring Europe as pianist, playing the music composed by André Wormser for the pantomime L’Enfant prodigue. It starred the famous Paris Opera dancer Emma Sandrini and was a huge success. This triumph inspired Michel Carré to make two films: one in 1906 (considered a pioneering work in the history of cinema) and the other in 1916, which will be screened during the cine-concert. Both films used Wormser’s composition.


Tue 12 November 2024
Palazzetto Bru Zane, Venice


Prof. Paolo Pinamonti presentation
Juan Carlos Garvayo piano


In collaboration with the Fundación Juan March of Madrid, the Fundación Archivo Manuel de Falla of Grenade and the CNC of Paris