Fauré and his pupils

The turn of a century

Chamber Music
© Thomas Baltes / Julien Poulain
Who better than Roger -Ducasse to represent the handover between Gabriel Fauré and the generation he trained? From 1898 to 1900 Roger-Ducasse studied in Fauré’s composition class; in 1909 he was a founder of the Société musicale indépendante, which proceeded to name Fauré as its honorary president, and that same year Roger-Ducasse dedicated to him his first string quartet. Later, after taking charge of the ensemble class at the Conservatoire, he in turn became professor of composition there, thereby perpetuating Fauré’s teachings until the outbreak of the Second World War. Fauré’s First Piano Quintet (1906) is complemented here by his pupil’s First Piano Quartet (1912), and both are expertly performed by the Quatuor Strada and Simon Zaoui.

Concert followed by a cocktail.


Sat 23 March 2024
Scuola Grande San Giovanni Evangelista, Venice


Pierre Fouchenneret violin
Ayako Tanaka violin
Lise Berthaud viola
François Salque cello

Simon Zaoui piano


Quatuor avec piano en sol mineur :
I. Allegro – II. Andantino ma scherzando – III. Molto adagio – IV. Allegro

Gabriel FAURÉ
Quintette avec piano en ré mineur no 1, op. 89 :
I. Molto moderato – II. Adagio – III. Allegretto moderato