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Women in the great classics

Lecture in italian
A stage director, Valentina Carrasco, a sociolinguist and translator, Vera Gheno, a writer and cultural activist, Loredana Lipperini, and a music critic and professor, Carla Moreni, come together to observe and recountā€”from various anglesā€”the presence of the female world within cultural models of the past and their reflection on our present. ā€˜Women in the Great Classicsā€™ is the title of this event, which aims to collect and interweave different stories, real and imaginary, popular or forgotten, high and low. And to make them resonate again, evoking all their ringing vitality and profound eloquence, sometimes quite uncomfortable, in relation to our today. Because classic is everything that continues to belong to us, generating new perspectives for the future: a task that women have always performed, loudly or silently, but indelibly.


Sat 8 March 2025
Palazzetto Bru Zane, Venice


Valentina Carrasco, Vera Gheno, Loredana Lipperini and Carla Moreni speakers

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