The world of César Franck (1822-90)

The feminine side of the cello

For a long time it was considered inappropriate for a woman to play the cello. However, nothing prevented a female composer from writing for the instrument, especially chamber music. Marie Jaëll endeavoured to showcase the talents of the cellist Jules Delsart in her Sonata in A minor of 1881, a year before her Concerto dedicated to the same artist. Henriette Renié wrote hers – very much inspired by César Franck – during the First World War (1916): times had then changed, and it was a woman whom the composer accompanied on the piano. In the meantime, Nadia Boulanger explored the genre with her Trois Pièces, rather than a sonata in three movements (1914).


Thu 5 May 2022
Palazzetto Bru Zane, Venice


Victor Julien-Laferrière cello
Théo Fouchenneret piano


Works by Marie JAËLL, Henriette RENIÉ, Nadia BOULANGER