The sound of the Empire

Chicken Marengo, Napoleon and the winning recipe

Lecture in Italian

Tradition has it that Chicken Marengo was invented by Napoleonā€™s cook when, finding himself without access to the supply waggons, he managed to muster up a chicken, some crayfish and a few mushrooms to restore the then First Consul Bonaparte after that difficult and decisive victory. That tasty culinary anecdote will be presented by Anna Alberati, and Gabriele Bagnati will complete the story with a piece composed at the time in celebration of Napoleonā€™s victory at the Battle of Marengo.


Thu 30 September 2021
Palazzetto Bru Zane, Venice


Anna Alberati speaker
accompanied on the piano by Gabriele Bagnati
free entry | reservation required
+39 041 30 37 615