Pauline Viardot

Concert Mélodie Online
Mon 8 March 2021
Few female figures were as important as Pauline Viardot in Romantic France: she was not only the most prominent mezzo-soprano (premiering works by Meyerbeer, Saint-Saëns and Gounod), but also a prolific, demanding composer in her own right. Like most women composers of her time, she had to confine herself mainly to the mélodie. But the variety of poems she set, the richness of her inspiration and her obvious technical mastery of the voice balanced the narrowness of the genre, rivalling, at times, the ambitions of opera. Too rarely performed today, Pauline Viardot’s works open up to all the experiences of the Romantic mélodie: neo-Baroque, European folklore, exoticism, and popular regionalism.
Aude Extrémo mezzo-soprano
Étienne Manchon piano
Mélodies and arias composed by and for Pauline VIARDOT
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Pauline Viardot