Parisiens / Parisiennes

Tutti gli aspetti della Belle Époque parigina
Concerto Opéra de Lille
Wed 3 June 2020
Opéra de Lille, Lille
If 19th-century Parisians loved to make fun of Provincial shortcomings – including local customs and colourful accents –, they were also perfectly able to indulge in a little self-mockery, from the socialite busy doing nothing to the overconfident coxcomb sure of turning his charms to financial advantage… Like a mirror held up to their audiences, operettas spotlighted the swaggering bourgeoisie from the business community and exaggerated flaws they might have preferred to ignore… all the while taking great delight in poking fun at them. In so doing, they scratched the surface of a society which flaunted its puritanical values while breaking the taboos it imposed. Marie Lenormand and Loïc Félix will cover every facet of Belle-Époque Parisianism during this carnival recital.
Marie Lenormand mezzo-soprano
Loïc Félix tenor
Flore Merlin piano
Airs by Offenbach, Hervé, Audran, Varney, Serpette, Lecocq, Yvain, Boileau, Hahn...
Produzione Palazzetto Bru Zane
In collaborazione con l’Opéra de Lille