The sound of the Empire

Not just a 'Corsican cuckoo': Napoleon in Venice

Lecture in Italian

12 May 1797 marked the Fall of La Serenissima. Napoleon had arrived, the 'Corsican cuckoo', laying his eggs in Venice. But beyond that? Beyond the disappointment of Campo Formio? Through documents preserved in the State Archives in Venice, we will take a look at how the Kingdom of Italy (1806-1814) was brought into being by Napoleon’s administration, the legal and cultural context in which the notorious plundering of art works took place, and the 'new nobility' created by the emperor, not only to reward meritorious generals and marshals, ministers and other authorities, but also to institute a stable elite bound by loyalty and gratitude.


Tue 9 November 2021
Palazzetto Bru Zane, Venice


Salvatore Alongi, Monica Del Rio, Andrea Erboso (Venice State Archives) speakers
free admission | reservation required
+39 041 30 37 615