Women Composers and the Prix de Rome

Symposium Conservatorio N. Piccinni
Tue 25 October 2022
Conservatorio N. Piccinni, Bari
Wed 26 October 2022
Conservatorio N. Piccinni, Bari
For a long time, women were not allowed to compete for the Prix de Rome and it became a symbol of the difficulties they were faced with at the Paris Conservatoire. Once it was finally opened to them, the time came for the first victory: Lili Boulanger won the 1913 Prix de Rome, thus proving that works of quality had nothing to with gender. How did the story unfold after that, in the long term?
Patrizia Celli – Accademia di Francia a Roma - Villa Medici
Étienne Jardin – Palazzetto Bru Zane
Michela Landi – Università di Firenze
Catherine Massip – BNF, Musique EPHE, Paris IV
Fiorella Sassanelli – Conservatorio di Matera
Angela Annese – Conservatorio di Bari
Orietta Caianiello – Conservatorio di Bari
Organised by the Conservatorio N. Piccinni, Bari (Italy)
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