Women Composers

Women composers and the Belle Époque

Concert Chamber Music
At the turn of the twentieth century, when the women’s movement was first beginning to gain ground in Europe, the climate became more favourable for women to show their creative talents. In France, in the field of musical composition, hitherto almost exclusively a male preserve, women succeeded in gaining recognition for their right to equality. Access to the Prix de Rome competition for musical composition illustrates this perfectly: it was created in 1803, but not until 1904 was a woman – Hélène Fleury – allowed to take part, and the first woman to win the Prix de Rome was Lili Boulanger in 1913. At the same time as this institutional recognition, venues opened up to promote the works of women composers such as Mel Bonis, Rita Strohl and Charlotte Sohy.


Sat 1 April 2023
Scuola Grande San Giovanni Evangelista, Venice


Pierre Fouchenneret violin
Lise Berthaud viola
Yan Levionnois cello
Adam Laloum piano


Works for piano and strings by STROHL, FLEURY, SOHY, L. BOULANGER and BONIS
Complimentary drinks will follow the concert