Massenet, a must!

The melodious violin

Although Jules Massenet never composed for solo violin, some of his compositions were transcribed for that instrument: his operatic arias, of course, notably the famous 'Méditation' from Thaïs, but also pieces from his oratorios, such as 'Le dernier sommeil de la Vierge', the prelude to Scene IV of La Vierge. This concert presents those 'imported' works, together with original pieces for violin by Massenet’s students Paul Hillemacher, Reynaldo Hahn, Fernand Halphen and Gabriel Pierné, thus providing a comprehensive overview of such compositions during the Belle Époque, from time-honoured forms, such as the sonata (reinvented) to meditative or virtuosic genre pieces.


Tue 25 October 2022
Palazzetto Bru Zane, Venice


Théotime Langlois de Swarte violin
Tanguy de Williencourt piano


Opere per violino e pianoforte di MASSENET, FAURÉ, HALPHEN, HAHN e PIERNÉ